10+ Best Android Apps Like WhatsApp [Alternatives]

Whatsapp is the most famous, popular and widely used messenger app all over the world. It has made a wonderful place among all messenger apps in the very short period of time. I agree, that it provides great features but it lacks at some places like video calling, high quality emoticons and more.
It is available for free only for one year and after a year you have to pay $0.99 per year. So, in this article I am sharing a list of some well featured messenger apps that are available with much more features than Whatsapp and even free for lifetime. So, why to send money for those features which you can get and enjoy for free. Download the best one you like and enjoy chatting with your friends and have fun.

A best and popular alternative to whatsapp is Line as It is available for all platforms- iPhone, Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry, PC and Mac version is available too. It allows you to make free messaging services, audio messages and high quality voice calls to friends who have Line installed on their phones.

Viber is one of the best app against Whatsapp offers free messaging and voice call facility. It is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phone. You just need a good internet connection to enjoy high quality voice calls.

A Samsung created app offers a basic messaging feature with no calling feature. You can make individual or group chats, send pictures, audio or video messages and another cool feature called AMS, animated messages can be created with application a better way to enjoy the conversation.

4. WeChat:

WeChat is one of the most popular app among the messanger apps. It got a huge popularity in a very short period of time after it get launched. It is similar to Whatsapp, register your number then share texts, images, Memos and the awesome feature is you can make video calls too. So, enjoy chatting with friends.

Skype is the wonderful app popular for its high quality free video calling feature but its not only a video calling app it even allows you to instant sharing of text with your friends. But different from all other messanger apps you need to approve contacts before you can start sending messages but its reliability and privacy makes it better replacement.

Similar to all messenger apps, it offers you to make individual and group chats, share text, audio and video messages and you can make calls too, the best part is it offers you to use different voice filters to create fun in your conversation.

Facebook messenger is a great app to chat with the friends you want to. It is available for different platforms like Android, iOS and BlackBerry phones. The only drawback is you can’t with those who are not on Facebook.

GroupMe is one of the wonderful replacements to Whatsapp having features like Geolocation, sending pictures and videos, chat groups. It is created by Skype and is available for different platforms and also fully compatible with iPod touch and iPad.

Kik messenger is a simple and easy app having basic features similar to other apps but it doesn’t offer you to make calls. It is also available for all platforms.

Hike is an awesome alternative to Whatsapp with its ultimate features that Whatsapp charge their customer after one year but Hike gives a lifetime free usage. You can send text not only those who are using hike even to those who are not using it through free texts. 

A simple and decent messenger app having features similar to all other messenger app, but it has one powerful feature that makes it superior then others is video calling. You can enjoy high quality video calling with Google Hangouts.

Try these apps and let us know which one you really liked.

Top 4 Free Tools To Record Skype Calls Automatically

Skype is one of best software which is being used by millions of internet users to chat with their friends,relatives and clients.Now a days many popular bloggers likes Ankit Singla,Imran Uddin used this software for Blogging and SEO coaching by using video chat feature.

So what you do if you want to record any important conversation,important lecture or any Blogging or SEO class by Ankit or Imran..??

No Answer! Ok,You and unable to answer this question because Skype doesn't allow us to record any chat or video call.

But don't worry there are lot's of third party software are available on internet that allow us to record skype video calls automatically.And today i share them one by one.

Software's To Record Skype Calls Automatically:

1)MP3 Skype Recorder:

MP3 Skype recorder is free for non-commercial use and used to record Skype video calls and other conversation automatically.And also record your conference calls and conversation.

It stores all your conversations data locally in files and very popular MP3 format. The tool can record P2P Skype calls and include SkypeOut features also.

The best feature on this software is that it records Skype calls automatically.Means we don't required initialization to start recording.

For non-commercial use it is free of cost and for commercial use you have to pay some money visit this page for more info.

Hot recorder is another best software that will helps you to record Skype calls easily.And the best feature on this software is that it records Skype calls of any length easily.

Hot recorder comes with trail version with some features only and to enjoy full feature download the full version that costs 15$.

Pamela is free tool for recording skype calls with limited features.If you want to enjoy full featured pamela software then you have to pay 25$.In free version recording limit is 15 Minutes.

Mainly pamela features are chat recording,conference call recording,answering machine etc etc.


SuperTinTin is best and cheapest call recorder with feature on its premium version.You can also record video chat in HD version.

So these are the top 4 tools that will helps you to record Skype calls automatically.

12 Best Service To Design Logo Online For Free

Logo is not only an image but it is an identity of the company or any Brand. Being a trademark of the organization, it represents the company at every stage. And if you’re looking for some best services to design logo online for free, then I recommend you must check our today’s special on logo.

Some people spent lot of money for designing the Logo, but I don’t want you to spend money for Logos for your organization. So today, I am sharing some best logo designer services helps you in creating best and stupendous Logo for any Business cadre or for your personal Blog. So, enjoy designing a desired Logo of your own choice on your own and save your money. 

So without further ago, why don’t you check the first logo generator?

Design Logo Online For Free

Logo Ease is a powerful Logo designer available for free. Either you want to design a business logo or you just want it for your personal blog. Create an account and enjoy designing Logos on your own.

It is available for free and very easy to create your own Logo with online logo maker. It is a professional Logo designing tool focusing on usability and quality.

Design Logo Online For Free

The free logo maker is one of the best tool available on the internet to create an amazing style Logos. After your logo is prepared it allows you to download it in HTML format.

Flaming text is free and awesome Logo generator available out there on the internet. After creating you logo you can download it on your computer, can use it as an image on your website or can use it as your email signature.

It is cool and easy online logo creator tool which provides you to choose background color, logo color, logo face, logo style and font size.

Cool text is one of the classic Logo generator available online, you can add a text and it will create a text similar to that in different font. You can use it as your signature at facebook or at your emails.

It is a cool and exclusive logo generator tool which offers you to create a flash logo and banner for your websites. So, enjoy creating best animated flash logos.

It offers an awesome styles such as choice of objects, color and lighting to design logos. It is very easy to use that you can create you own logo in 15 minutes.

Logo Snap is at top in the list of best logo generator tools which allows you to design best logo ever. After creating your logo you can download it on your computer or you can save on the website by logging in.

It offers you to create a cool and stunning Logos for your personal blog or websites and also for any business purpose.

Logo Yes is a free online logo maker tool. You can design a desired logo of your choice, you will be charged if you want to download a logo you have designed with higher quality.

It is an astounding logo designer tool which helps you to design an awesome Logos for free just in seconds.

So try these online service and don’t forget to share your personal experience with these logo designers. You can also suggest some tools which we forget to add in our opinion piece.

15 Best Games like Candy Crush Saga for iOS Device

Games are the best time pass for maximum of the internet users and these days Puzzle games have made a huge amount of people addicted of playing it. Candy Crush Saga is the most played and loved among all the puzzle games.
This article is for those users who got any of iOS devices and has scored a lot and achieved almost top levels in Candy Crush Saga and I would like to share some different, cool and fabulous puzzle games just as Candy Crush Saga. So, here is a list of best puzzle games for iOS Devices, I am sure you will love playing all the games. Start playing now, make bigger scores, achieve top levels and share your score with friends. Have fun 

Puzzle quest2 is a popular and most played match three game. You have to match up three skulls and element spheres without any time limit so; you can use all your skills to complete and to enjoy the game.

Price: 1.50$

Bejeweled is the fabulous match three games which is at the top of the puzzle game’s list. It offers five different modes to play and a ton of targets to achieve. And if you love playing Bejeweled then I am sure you will surely love Bejeweled2, Bejeweled twist, Bejeweled blitz and Bejeweled3.

Price: Free

The golden name in the list of puzzle games is 10000000(Ten million). In this, you have to match up three swords, shields, keys and many others. And if you can match up a bundle of elements, you can destroy all your enemies.

Price: $1.09

4. Cruel jewels:

In this match three puzzle game some cruel jewels float around which has to be matched. It offers a multiplayer mode which allows you and your friend to play against each other.

Price: Free

Doodle find is one of the best and toughest games in the puzzle series. In this you don’t have to match objects only but need to use your memory power to memorize the objects. And if once you will have lot of objects on the screen, it will make you mad.

Price: Free

Smiles HD is a very cheerful match three game with a very sweet look. As sweet as it is in looks as hard as to put down having different game modes to play and a lot of target to complete.

Price: $3.99

Puzzle craft has given a level change to puzzle craft games. Besides matching up objects, you have given an empire to manage like you have to built a fort, employ people and deal with taxes. In short, a hard puzzles to put down.

Price: Free

Triple Town amazes every puzzle game lover with its new format that when you match objects they will not disappear they grow eventually, it starts with an empty screen then it fills with bushes, small houses, bears and when you match them, bushes become trees, houses become big. Enjoy playing Triple Town.

Price: Free

Farm heroes saga is similar to Candy crush saga some changes has been made you have to match up fruits and vegetables in this game and you can make a lot of achievements by matching up objects.

Price: Free

It is again a match three puzzle game but with the time limit now that will definitely make you crazy about completing it. So, score as high as you can in just one minute.

Price: $0.99

Jewel mania has included a kid’s, a dog’s and a girl’s voice that makes it different from other match three puzzle games. It also offers some different effects like fire burning, boom blasting and many more.

Price: Free

Dots is a simple and wonderful designed app that you will love to play. You have to join as many as dots of same color in one minute or make a number of moves to beat highest score.

Price: Free

It is a classic match three puzzle game offering 160 different game modes. You have to complete the desired goal in given moves or in a given time.

Price: Free

Toy balls is little differently designed game which have different color balls on the screen so, you have join a longest chain of same color balls before they got zapped.

Price: Free

Pet Pop is exclusive and highly rated puzzle game. You have to join the colorful lines of pets to complete the adventures task.

Price: Free

So try these games and let us know that you did you really like these are best alternative of Candy Crush Saga? Also you can share with us name of games like Candy Crush Saga

Rose Day 2014 Facebook Status And Romantic Messages

Here is the list of valentine 2014 week days:

Rose Day:- Friday, February 7, 2014
Propose Day:- Saturday, February 8, 2014 
Chocolate Day:- Sunday, February 9, 2014 
Teddy Day:- Monday, February 10, 2014 
Promise Day:- Tuesday, February 11, 2014 
Hug Day:- Wednesday, February 12, 2014 
Kiss Day:- Thursday, February 13, 2014 
Valentine Day:- Friday, February 14, 2014

And the first day is Rose day and what's our first task?? OK our first task is to give our loved one a beautiful rose with special romantic message.

So are you searching for some romantic messages?? If yes then you are in right place because today i made a list of Rose day 2014 Facebook status and Romantic Messages. 

With this rose, I reveal all mythoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you,I am like a rose,
not because of it?s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you. 


With this rose, I m not only give you merely a rose,
but I give you my heart and soul.
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the
chance to touch your heart.


With this rose, I m not only give you merely a rose,
but I give you my heart and soul.
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the
chance to touch your heart.
Happy Rose Day My Sweet Heart


.{ ..’-`.._;..-’;
……..,–\\..,-”- .
Happy Rose Day


Sweeter than the candies,
lovelier than the red roses,
more huggable than soft toys
sweetheart wishing you a Rose Day
that is as special as you are..
Happy Rose Day


With this rose, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you… I am like a rose,
not because of it?s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you…
HappY Rose Day


Every night when I look at the moon, it reminds me of you, how you can see the same moon. It makes me sometimes sad because I can see the moon, but I can´t see you. Happy Rose Day!


lovely roses lovely u and lovely r the things u do but the lovliest is the friendship of the two one is me and other is u
`happy rose day``


Every bird cannot dance But peacock do it Every friend can not reach my heart but u did it. Every Flower can not express love But rose do it. ``happy rose day``


The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, in a language known only to the Heart. Happy Rose Day!


A Bunch of Red roses signifies deep love & respect for you my love. Friends for Ever Sweatheart!!Happy Rose Day


A Single Rose for u for being in my life,Thank you so mush to complete my Life.Happy Rose Day


Bunch of Red Rose for my true love I can’t live without you “I love you”.Happy Rose Day


My eyes are blind without your eyes to see, similar to a rose without color. Love you forever Happy Rose Day


Any 1 can love a Rose.
But no 1 will love a leaf that.
made the Rose.
dont love some one who is beautiful
but love the one who can make ur life beatiful.
Happy Rose Day


n School, They Taught Me That
1 hour = 60 Mints
1 Min = 60 Secs
But They Never Told Me That
1 Sec Without You = 100 Years


Sometimes we make love with our eyes.
Sometimes we make love with our hands.
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.
Always we make love with our hearts.


Rose Day for someone special
In school they taught me that; 1 hour = 60 min.1 min = 60 sec. but they never told me that; 1 sec. without U = 100 years.


Rose Day for loved one
All that is good
All that is true
Sweetness of life
Skies that are Blue
Are wished truly for you


Sweeter than the candies
lovelier than the red roses
more huggable than soft toys
that’s what you’re
here’s wishing you a Rose Day
that’s as special as you’re

Rose Day 2014 Facebook Status and Romantic Messages in Hindi:


Ek “Rose”
–;–;<- br="">Unke Liye
Jo Milte Nahi Roz Roz,
Magar Yaad Aaate Hai Har Roz.
“Happy Rose Day”…


Chala jaa re SMS ban ke Gulaab,
Hogi sachi dosti to aayega javab,
Agar naa aaye to mat hona udaas,
Bas samajh lena ki mere liye waqt nahi tha unke paas.
Happy Rose Day..


Dosti ka rishta anokha hai naa Gulaab sa hai na kanto sa,
Dosti ka rishata to us Daali ki tarah hai jo Gulaab aur kante
Dono ko ek sath jode rakhta he aakhri dum tak…….Happy Rose Day..


Phool Khilte Rahein Zindgi Ki Raah Mein
Hassi Chamakti Rahe Aapki Nigaah Mein
Kadam Kadam Par Mile Khushi Ki Bhaar Aapko
Dil Deta Hai Yehi Dua Baar Baar Aapko
Happy Rose Day…


Pyaar ke samandur me sab doobna chahte hai,
Pyaar me kuch khote hai to kuch pate hai,
Pyaar to ek gulaab hai jise sab todna chahte hai,
Hum to is gulaab ko choomna chahte hai..
Happy Rose Day


Mohabbat lafzon ki mohtaaz nahi hoti!
Jab tanhai me aapki yaad aati hai,
Hontho pe ek hi fariyad aati hai…
Khuda aapko har khushi de,
Kyonki aaj bhi hamari har khushi aapke baad aati hai..


Phool bankar muskarana zindagi,
Muskara ke gum bhulana zindagi,
Jeet kar koi khush ho to kya hua,
Haar kar khushiya manana bhi zindagi.


अगर कुछ बनना है तो गुलाब के फुल बनो.

क्यों की ये फुल उस के हाथ मैं भी खुशबु छोड़ देता है

जो इसे मसल कर फ़ेंक देता है

Top 2014 Free Online Meme Generator Websites

Meme has made a wonder place at all the social networking sites in the very short period of time. We all love to share a funny meme created of any animated image and even a meme created of your own uploaded image with our friends.

So, in this article for all my friends who love meme shared by their friends, here is a list of top 2014 meme generator tools which provides you best features, awesome templates to create a meme. Now, its time to create your own meme and share it with all of your friends. Have fun:

Quick meme is the fabulous meme generator tool availabe here on the web. You can create an awesome meme either with the help of popular templates or by uploading the desired image from the computer.

In the best meme generator's list "meme generator" is just following "quick meme" out here on the web. Similar to others, you can Browse for the best memes on the internet and edit them to create your own meme.

It allows you to create an awesome meme's with the help of its superb features like you can drag the text anywhere on the image and it also offers you to create an GIF meme's. so, enjoy creating an desired meme.

It is one of the popular and best meme generator tools. Use the best templates available or upload the image from the computer, create a desired image and if you register an account you can save all memes at one place or you can save edited image to your computer.

It is the one of the popular tools used to create memes. As it stands for "Do it yourself" and " Laugh out loud" So, it’s all fun creating meme with "Diy LoL" as it uses iPhone app.

It offers you to browse multiple templates over internet and can upload any image from the computer, after creating a meme you can share with your friends on social networking sites but to download the image you have to right click on the image and select the option "save image as".

Meme Crunch is popular meme generator which offers you two text input fields (Top and Bottom) and also provides plus and minus button by which you resize the text displayed on the meme.

It is the fabulous meme generator which provides you multiple templates and also an option to upload an image from the computer. It also provides various features like color settings, font style and size, outline, shadow and etc.

With awesome features, rage generator is very popular for creating comic images. It offers you to create conversational memes so, enjoy creating meme with rage generator.

Zipme is also a popular and easy meme generator which allows a lot of templates from the internet and provides an option to upload an image from the computer.

So these some online services and let us know which one you really liked to create your own meme. You can also share your favorite site which you previously use to create meme.

8 Best Services to Add Instagram Style Effects and Filter to Photos Online For Free

If Instagram is your favorite smartphone application and looking for some online service that allow you to add photo effect and filter online, then I recommend you must check our today’s Instagram special.

Instagram is one of the most popular online photos sharing service which allow you to add filters and effect to your favorite’s images. This service has one problem that only iPhone and Android users can use this service, as there is not other way to use this service. But I’m glad to share with you that there are some other online services that allow you to have the same types of photo effects and filters online. Personally love to edit my photos on my android phone but sometime I find it interesting and easy to edit my photos online.

Below you’re going to read about some of the best online service using which you can add filters and effect, so you don't have to go for all that and bonus is that all are free to use.

To add cool effects and fades to you image Picfull is the awesome free online photo editor. Upload you photo and choose among the many of the cool effects. You can edit your image to make it look old, vintage, glow or posterized. When you find that this is what you want, you can save your photo on your computer and can share with friends. The best thing about Picfull is, it is free and easy to use. So, what are you waiting for go to their website and edit your image.

There are lots of options are available on PicFull to give different-2 effects like we make our pic vintage dark,give crazy mirror effects,old photo effects etc etc etc.See the below screenshot.

2. Rollip:

Rollip provides more than 80 cool effects which you can apply to your photo. Although it is free even than it has tons of cool things to do with your photo. You have 11 awesome borders to choose to frame your image, and the best thing is you can add text to your image. No registration is required to use this tool, just upload your image then apply different cool effects to your image and select the best one and easily download the edited image on your computer.

Steps to create:

Click on "create to start" button and then choose the effect and choose the pic from the computer.


This is the one of the best and free online service for editing your photographs using cool effects and filters. It has some features like layer, brushes, gradients and etc that make it just similar to photoshop. Hipstamatic's fans will love this photo editor because its setup is just like Hipstamatic. Upload any of your simple photographs and make it cool with cool effects available with photogramino and download easily on your computer. NO registration is required to use this service, just enjoy editing your image.

4. Tiltshiftmaker:

Using Tiltshiftmaker I hope you will enjoy transforming your images into tilt shift style miniatures. With Tiltshiftmaker you will experience a great and attractive blur effect and powerful editing features (crop, rotate, exposure, color and white balancing). It is cool but is best for editing horizontal images rather than vertical ones. Upload your photo or click it using webcam and use all the attractive effects to your image and download it on your computer.

5. Kizoa:

Kizoa is a great online photo editor with two more awesome additional features Collage maker and Slideshow maker. You can experience a lot of special effects with Kizoa to make your simple photo to a cool image; you can also include music, animations and text to your photo. After editing and creating the slide show, you can share it online through E-mail and social networks or you can download it on your computer, and the best thing is you can convert your slideshow into video and burn it into DVD. Registration is required to use this tool.

Ribbet provides awesome photo editing with basic features like crop, rotate, exposure as well as some special camera effects such as hogla-ish, lomo-ish and fireside. For using basic features no registration is required and it is free to use. It also provides some premium features for limited time (time period wasn't mentioned) and to use extra premium features you have to register. Cost of premium features is not mentioned yet but it will come once free period expires. So, upload your image and enjoy editing with awesome effects.

It provides awesome basic features for which you don't have to pay. You can add different effects, can do basic editing and touch ups, add text, overlays, frames, themes and textures. It also offers some fabulous features in their premium packages named as "Royale". Packages are available at $4.99 per month and $33 per year. No registration is required for free features but you have to register if you want to buy the "Royale"package.

The best online photo editing service for the creative and professional photographers. It offers more than 80 cool effects named "stylets". You can only use it when paired with other editing software like photoshop CS3 or later, lightroom2 or later and Photoshop Elements 7 or later. It only works with some Operating system such as Mac OS 10.5 or later, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can be used free only for 2 weeks, after that you can buy the whole features for $99 or $72 for Tra2. You have to register to use this service.

Try these services and let us know which one you really like and also share with us name which we forget to add in this post using comment section.