Top 4 Free Tools To Record Skype Calls Automatically

Skype is one of best software which is being used by millions of internet users to chat with their friends,relatives and clients.Now a days many popular bloggers likes Ankit Singla,Imran Uddin used this software for Blogging and SEO coaching by using video chat feature.

So what you do if you want to record any important conversation,important lecture or any Blogging or SEO class by Ankit or Imran..??

No Answer! Ok,You and unable to answer this question because Skype doesn't allow us to record any chat or video call.

But don't worry there are lot's of third party software are available on internet that allow us to record skype video calls automatically.And today i share them one by one.

Software's To Record Skype Calls Automatically:

1)MP3 Skype Recorder:

MP3 Skype recorder is free for non-commercial use and used to record Skype video calls and other conversation automatically.And also record your conference calls and conversation.

It stores all your conversations data locally in files and very popular MP3 format. The tool can record P2P Skype calls and include SkypeOut features also.

The best feature on this software is that it records Skype calls automatically.Means we don't required initialization to start recording.

For non-commercial use it is free of cost and for commercial use you have to pay some money visit this page for more info.

Hot recorder is another best software that will helps you to record Skype calls easily.And the best feature on this software is that it records Skype calls of any length easily.

Hot recorder comes with trail version with some features only and to enjoy full feature download the full version that costs 15$.

Pamela is free tool for recording skype calls with limited features.If you want to enjoy full featured pamela software then you have to pay 25$.In free version recording limit is 15 Minutes.

Mainly pamela features are chat recording,conference call recording,answering machine etc etc.


SuperTinTin is best and cheapest call recorder with feature on its premium version.You can also record video chat in HD version.

So these are the top 4 tools that will helps you to record Skype calls automatically.

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