15 Best Games like Candy Crush Saga for iOS Device

Games are the best time pass for maximum of the internet users and these days Puzzle games have made a huge amount of people addicted of playing it. Candy Crush Saga is the most played and loved among all the puzzle games.
This article is for those users who got any of iOS devices and has scored a lot and achieved almost top levels in Candy Crush Saga and I would like to share some different, cool and fabulous puzzle games just as Candy Crush Saga. So, here is a list of best puzzle games for iOS Devices, I am sure you will love playing all the games. Start playing now, make bigger scores, achieve top levels and share your score with friends. Have fun 

Puzzle quest2 is a popular and most played match three game. You have to match up three skulls and element spheres without any time limit so; you can use all your skills to complete and to enjoy the game.

Price: 1.50$

Bejeweled is the fabulous match three games which is at the top of the puzzle game’s list. It offers five different modes to play and a ton of targets to achieve. And if you love playing Bejeweled then I am sure you will surely love Bejeweled2, Bejeweled twist, Bejeweled blitz and Bejeweled3.

Price: Free

The golden name in the list of puzzle games is 10000000(Ten million). In this, you have to match up three swords, shields, keys and many others. And if you can match up a bundle of elements, you can destroy all your enemies.

Price: $1.09

4. Cruel jewels:

In this match three puzzle game some cruel jewels float around which has to be matched. It offers a multiplayer mode which allows you and your friend to play against each other.

Price: Free

Doodle find is one of the best and toughest games in the puzzle series. In this you don’t have to match objects only but need to use your memory power to memorize the objects. And if once you will have lot of objects on the screen, it will make you mad.

Price: Free

Smiles HD is a very cheerful match three game with a very sweet look. As sweet as it is in looks as hard as to put down having different game modes to play and a lot of target to complete.

Price: $3.99

Puzzle craft has given a level change to puzzle craft games. Besides matching up objects, you have given an empire to manage like you have to built a fort, employ people and deal with taxes. In short, a hard puzzles to put down.

Price: Free

Triple Town amazes every puzzle game lover with its new format that when you match objects they will not disappear they grow eventually, it starts with an empty screen then it fills with bushes, small houses, bears and when you match them, bushes become trees, houses become big. Enjoy playing Triple Town.

Price: Free

Farm heroes saga is similar to Candy crush saga some changes has been made you have to match up fruits and vegetables in this game and you can make a lot of achievements by matching up objects.

Price: Free

It is again a match three puzzle game but with the time limit now that will definitely make you crazy about completing it. So, score as high as you can in just one minute.

Price: $0.99

Jewel mania has included a kid’s, a dog’s and a girl’s voice that makes it different from other match three puzzle games. It also offers some different effects like fire burning, boom blasting and many more.

Price: Free

Dots is a simple and wonderful designed app that you will love to play. You have to join as many as dots of same color in one minute or make a number of moves to beat highest score.

Price: Free

It is a classic match three puzzle game offering 160 different game modes. You have to complete the desired goal in given moves or in a given time.

Price: Free

Toy balls is little differently designed game which have different color balls on the screen so, you have join a longest chain of same color balls before they got zapped.

Price: Free

Pet Pop is exclusive and highly rated puzzle game. You have to join the colorful lines of pets to complete the adventures task.

Price: Free

So try these games and let us know that you did you really like these are best alternative of Candy Crush Saga? Also you can share with us name of games like Candy Crush Saga

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